Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Kasha and Radish idea comes from The New Middle Eastern Vegetarian by Sally Butcher, and I plan on trying more of her recipes.  I like the earthiness of Kasha with the bright crunch of radish.  The red misato radish is from Tipi Produce, and the Diakon is some of the last of our from the Tree Farm.  Pick up some misato, or rose heart, radish from the coop.  Sliced and dipped in soy sauce they make a great crunchy-salty snack that is not potato chips.  They are also great shredded in homemade sushi – a very cool vegetable.

The kugel is a savory turn on a traditional sweet dish in which hoodles are cooked in a custard.  I bake them in a water bath, with which I imagine all cooks have a love-hate relationship.  I love how effective they are at protecting delicate dishes like custard, and hate how difficult they are to manage from getting all the baking dishes in to baking plans, to extracting finished dishes from heavy, tippy, pans of scalding hot water. I was hoping there would be a leftover kugel, I’m curious how the combo of golden turnip, leek, and melted cabbage all comes together with the noodles, Yuppie Hill Eggs, and organic dairy.

The Parsnip soup is one of our favorites, I hope you like it too.  You have no idea how long it can take to peel 3 pounds of garlic.

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