Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Soup and Salad

The Matzoh ball soup is by request, and I hope you like it because we will feature it again in April for the Passover Menu.  The broth is chick pea both and entirely vegetarian.  There is a little bit of golden turnip in the soup as well as some parsnip, which I positively love in chicken soup, and together they have given the soup a very sweet flavor.
Salad: so we have had to use California organic greens all winter.  This will hopefully end soon. I have been in contact over the past month with Bill Warner of Snug Haven Farm and will get us some great winter spinach soon.  The very grey fall limited the early season growth and most of the local spinach growers are cutting small harvests for their CSA and market.  One guy at the market would not sell me more than 2 pounds.  I wanted 15.  In any event, change is on the wind, right?

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