Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sometimes The Bear Eats You...

Well the spaghetti and meatballs came out pretty well.  I like those organic semolina noodles from Bionature, it’s a good noodle that also makes a fine Lo Mein.

I am not as positive about the Carrot dish.  The flavor is fine but the consistency is not what I targeted.  Just goes to show what happens when you follow the directions in a cookbook with pretty pictures rather than trusting your own hard won instincts.  But it is fine, I know.  I hope you enjoy the contrast of the kamut berries in the rice salad, and the delightful flavor of roasted cauliflower too.

In big news – next week we are expecting to begin finally getting orders of Snug Haven Spinach.  It has been unavailable so far as production has been small and very limited, that is why we have had to make do with California organic lettuce.  I’ll be very happy to make the switch


Enjoy your meals!

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